Vaughn Charlton

Director General, Action Innovation and Modernization, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Vaughn Charlton is the Director General of Action, Innovation and Modernization (AIM) at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), responsible for overseeing the RCMP’s culture change and modernization mandate. This includes overall direction of the RCMP “Vision 150” modernization strategy; coordinating the RCMP’s holistic response to preventing and addressing sexual harassment and discrimination; and measuring and communicating results.

Prior to joining the RCMP in 2017, Ms. Charlton spent a number of years in various roles at Status of Women Canada (now Women and Gender Equality Canada), including leading the Government of Canada’s implementation of Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+), with a specialization in the integration of GBA+ in the public safety and defense sector. She has also worked in policy development on a range of files at both Status of Women and at Public Safety Canada, including developing expertise on the issue of human trafficking and online child exploitation. Ms. Charlton holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Public Administration from Concordia University in Montreal.