Brent MacIntyre

Police Officer
Ottawa Police Service

Brent MacIntyre has been a police officer for 25 years, working in both Niagara Regional Police Service and for the last 21 years his home city, with the Ottawa Police Service. Prior to Policing, Brent served as a reservist with the Royal Canadian Artillery rising to the rank of Master Bombardier and was deployed during the 1998 Ice Storm that struck Eastern Canada. Throughout his policing career, Brent has worked in multiple different areas, including Criminal Investigative, Emergency Operations, Patrol Services and Human Resources. For 5 years, Brent served as a Sergeant in charge of Peer Support within the Wellness Section of the Ottawa Police Service. Brent’s responsibilities include assisting members experiencing life challenges and implementing concrete measurable responses for the organization wellness plan. Brent current assignment is Sergeant in charge of Risk Detection for the Workplace Conflict Resolution Unit which has a mandate to support members and resolve internal conflict to promote a healthier workplace. Brent is a strong advocate for members’ personal mental health and believes that members are stronger when working in a team environment to overcome challenging circumstances.