Rear-Admiral H.C. Edmundson, OMM, MSM, CD

Deputy Commander of Military Personnel Command and Assistant to the Chief of Military Personnel

Rear-Admiral (RAdm) Haydn Edmundson joined the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in 1983 under the Officer Candidate Training Program. Soon after basic officer training in Chilliwack, BC he commenced his RCN training at the Naval Officers Training Centre (NOTC) in Esquimalt, BC.

Having completed his initial training in 1984, RAdm Edmundson joined his first operational ship, HMCS PROVIDER. After obtaining his Bridge Watch-keeping qualification, RAdm Edmundson qualified as a Destroyer Navigator and subsequently as a Maritime Advanced Navigation Officer. He navigated the destroyer escorts HMCS TERRA NOVA and HMCS KOOTENAY and the replenishment ship HMCS PROVIDER from 1986-1991.

After postings both at sea and alongside, at NOTC, RAdm Edmundson attended the Operations Room Officer course in Halifax in 1992. Soon after, he was appointed as Commanding Officer of HMCS ATHABASKAN during her modernization refit while at the same time fulfilling the duties as Combat Officer in HMCS REGINA. In 1994, RAdm Edmundson joined HMCS REGINA full-time for her acceptance into the RCN and transfer to the west coast.

RAdm Edmundson returned to the NOTC as a senior instructor in 1995. He then attended Memorial University, NL where he obtained his Bachelor of Maritime Studies in 1999. He was then selected to represent the RCN in the United States 3rd Fleet as the scheduling and operations officer. He remained with 3rd Fleet in San Diego, CA until his 2002 return to Canada's west coast Maritime Headquarters. In 2003 he was appointed Second in Command of HMCS CALGARY for her deployment to the Arabian Sea in support of Operation APOLLO.

After returning from this deployment and a one-year appointment as Executive Officer in Sea Training Pacific, RAdm Edmundson attended the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College in Toronto where he also attained his Masters in Defence Studies. On completion of Staff College in 2006, he was appointed as the Maritime Operations Officer in the newly established Canada Command Headquarters in Ottawa. In early 2008, RAdm Edmundson assumed the duties of Captain of HMCS REGINA. During his tenure in Command, RAdm Edmundson was deployed to the Far East in support of United States Navy 7th Fleet and of Department of Foreign Affairs engagements in the Asia-Pacific region.

Upon relinquishing Command in 2009, RAdm Edmundson returned to Ottawa and in May 2010, he was promoted to Captain (N) rank and appointed as Deputy Chief of Staff Operations and Training in Canada Command. In July 2011, RAdm Edmundson hung-up his dress blues, donned desert tan camouflage combats and deployed for one year to Afghanistan in support of Operation ATTENTION. Upon his return to Canada in July 2012, he rejoined the RCN lines as Director, Maritime Personnel in Ottawa. In 2014, upon completion of the National Security Programme at the CFC in Toronto, RAdm Edmundson was appointed as Director Senior Appointments in Ottawa.

In January 2015, RAdm Edmundson was promoted to the rank of Commodore and assumed the duties of Director General Military Careers in Ottawa. He recently returned from OP ARTEMIS where he was the Commander of Combined Task Force 150 in the Middle East. He was thereafter reassigned to CMP as the Chief of Staff Operations from 2017 until his promotion to Rear-Admiral during Spring 2018. RAdm Edmundson is currently the Deputy Commander of the Military Personnel Command/Assistant to the Chief Military Personnel.